Personalized Books
Our personalized books make that special child in your life the star of their very own storybook.  These will be books that your child will cherish and save forever. 

Only $12.95 + tax
(Combine with a Stork or Sibling Rental for an even better deal!)

** Click on the below Category of Books Heading to see a photo and description of titles under that category. **

For Baby:
  • Special Delivery
  • The Sibling Book

Birthday Books:

  • My Birthday Wish
  • My Birthday Surprise

Holiday Books:

  • My Christmas Wish
  • Seven Candles of Kwanzaa
  • Story of Christmas
  • Santa's Story
  • The Magic Dreidel

Educational / Safety Books:

  • My 1st Day of School
  • My School Fun Book
  • My Trip to the Fire Station
  • Homer and Me
  • McGruff and Me

Adventure Books:

  • My Farm Adventure
  • My Dinosaur Adventure
  • My Fishing Adventure
  • My Camping Adventure

About Sports Books:

  • My Golf Adventure
  • The Sports Book
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Baseball's Unsung Hero

Inspirational / Religious Books:

  • Gods Special Gifts to Me
  • My Book of Prayers
  • Noah
  • Let Us Thank God

Other Personalized Books:

  • Mother Goose
  • The Big Parade
  • Ballerina Princess (Caucasian)
  • Ballerina Princess (Latin)
  • The Train with No Name
  • The Silver Swan
  • My Tea Party
  • Little One, Little One, What do you see?
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