Personalized Educational / Safety Books:

  • My 1st Day of School:   Here's a book that makes the first day of school a memorable keepsake. Ages 3-7
  • My School Fun Book:  Here is an activity book taht shows your child numbers, letters and shapes.  Ages 3-7
  • Trip to the Fire Station:  Your child will learn about fire safety with this book. Ages 5-9
  • Homer and Me:  A day at the baseball park with Homer, a delightful baseball character, helps your child learn about healthy choices in life (eat right, exercise, stay in school) while also giving you baseball tips from professional baseball players.
  • McGruff and Me:   "Be Smart, Be Safe" with this ingenious safety book. McGruff spends the day with your child at school teaching crime prevention.  Ages 5-11

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