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As a new parent, the joy that is experienced with your child's birth is overwhelming.  I cannot think of anything else that creates feelings of such happiness and excitement.  You want to tell the whole world about your new addition to your family.  That's where Stork 4 Rent comes into the picture.

Stork 4 Rent has been proudly serving Arizona for over 10 years.  Our 7 foot tall wooden storks are hand painted on both sides - bright blue for boys and bright pink for girls.  The stork is placed in the front yard for all to see as a unique way to welcome the "New Bundle of Joy."  Family, friends and neighbors love to see the stork and share in the good news!

A personalized keepsake bundle is placed in the storks beak and has the baby's first name, middle name, birth weight, birth date and the parent's first names hand painted on it.  This personalized bundle is our gift to you.  It's a perfect addition to any nursery decoration theme.

Our sibling signs are also hand painted on both sides - blue, red or green for boys and pink or purple for girls.  At 3 feet tall they are the perfect size for your older children and are sure to bring lots of smiles to their faces.  These adorable little boys and girls hold a banner that reads: "I'm the Big Brother" or "I'm the Big Sister."  We personalize a plaque with the siblings first name hand painted on it.  This personalized plaque is their's to keep...perfect to hang on their bedroom wall or door.

As the new owner of the Stork 4 Rent Company and a new parent, I could not be happier.  I plan to carry on the tradition of welcoming new bundles of joy.  I also hope to expand the product line with additional personalized children books and other exciting products.  So, please be sure to check back with us periodically to see what's been added.

Thank you,

Denise Marko-Evjen
Stork 4 Rent Yard Displays

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