Personalized Other Books:

  • Mother Goose:   The classic nursery rhymes with your child's name right in the rhymes mixed with full page illustrations.  Ages 3-9
  • The Big Parade:  In this adventure, your child will lead "The Big Parade" down main street.  The Mayor of your town calls your child and asks him or her to ride in the fire truck and be the host of the Big Parade.  Ages 3-9
  • Ballerina Princess ( Caucasian or Latin):  The Ballerina Princess is a very charming and well illustrated book.  Your child will practice her ballet moves as shown in the book, and will get ready for the final recital.  When the visiting professional ballerina gets the flu, your child plays the lead role.  Please specify ethnic or Caucasian illustrated version.
  • The Train with No Name:  You don't have to be big to be important! Meet a little track tester who proves this to be true. Your child climbs aboard and becomes the brave engineer who saves the traveling circus train from certain danger.  Ages 3-9
  • The Silver Swan:  Your child flies off on a magical adventure with an enchanted swan, an elf, and a beautiful princess.  Ages 3-7
  • My Tea Party:  Your child enjoys a Tea Party with her friends, and learns about manners too!  Ages 3-9
  • Little One, Little One, What Do You See?:  This whimsical story is perfect for any pre-school child who enjoys rhyming and counting.  This is a very popular book with parents.

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